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Rebar ShakerTM

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Heavy Duty Rebar Shaker

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Oztec Heavy Duty Rebar ShakerTM     

(See Oztec's Standard Rebar ShakerTM



The Most Efficient & Cost Effective Way To Vibrate ALL Types of Concrete In Walls or Columns...


Turn Your Rebar Into a Vibrator & Ensure Void Free Consolidation

 in Congested Rebar...




For rebar diameters 3/4 inch up to 1 1 3/4 inch


Has successfully consolidated concrete on 1 3/8" rebar in lengths up to 60 feet in general application. For specific or unusual  project situations or when rebar heavier than 1 3/4" is required, please contact Oztec for assistance (1.516.883.8857)

Click here for the selection chart to match the proper combination of power unit,  shaft and vibrator head Selection Chart

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