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Click here for the selection chart to match the proper combination of power unit,  shaft and vibrator head.


Oztec Standard Rebar ShakerTM


(See Oztec's Heavy Duty Rebar ShakerTM)     


The Most Efficient Way To Vibrate grout In A Blockwall Cell or Wall


...Turn Your Rebar Into A Vibrator  


(For rebar up to 7/8 inch diameter in most applications)


Eliminate the time and mess of lowering a concrete vibrator into a cell containing a rebar and filled with grout. The splashes caused by the withdrawal of the vibrator are slippery, dangerous and time consuming to cleanup.

The Rebar Shaker
TM simply slipped over the top of the rebar, vibrates and consolidates grout in 5 to 7 seconds.

Tremendous savings in man-hours, from filling and refilling cells, clean-up and lost time due to injury from slips and falls are realized through the use of the Rebar Shaker

No human errors such as skipping cells and poor vibrating techniques (i.e. not letting vibrator touch the bottom or withdrawing to fast), which result in poor consolidation and a weak bond between the rebar and the grout.


            Rebar ShakerTM

          Rebar Shaker Superiority

1. One person centers rebar with the Rebar ShakerTM, while another person fills the cell with grout as the rebar shaker is turned on. When the cell is filled with grout, it's DONE! 


No Mess! No Clean up! Two man operation not three!

Oztec Made in USA





             Pencil Head

Pencil Head

1. One person centers the rebar in the cell while another person fills the cell with grout.

2. After step one is finished, and there is room, another person lowers a pencil head and shaft down to bottom of cell and withdraws the grout covered head and shaft.


3. Since the concrete slumped down due to vibration, a person must now come back and fill the cell with more grout.


4. Clean up - What a time consuming mess!



"We recommend that the reinforcing bar shaker be fully recognized as an acceptable alternative to the conventional pencil vibrator."

(University of Tennessee, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)

(For a full report in PDF format, Click here)

Block Wall Cell
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